Have you been taking advantage of London’s January (post Xmas) sale nationwide? I hope so! Just last week, I have purchased my very first pair of UGG boots ever. Australian much?!! I have never been much of a fan of UGG boots, although their footwear are extremely comfy and warm, style wise, not really my cup of tea. Plus, because of the sheer size of their most iconic boots, I think they only look good on super slim figures. And I ain’t one of them! However, last week, as I just happened to be passing through the shopping district of London with a shopaholic friend of mine (you know who you are), I discovered that they also make ‘normal’ boots – of all kinds and colours. Upon trying them, my friend and I each bought a pair. And boy, what perfect timing. Thank God for them. It snowed a day later.

The ones I bought have reasonably high wedges, but they feel every bit as comfy as they look. With their soft grey/black leather, the UGG tall boots have become my new must-haves for the winter. Get a pair while stocks last.