Have you seen the inside of my wardrobe yet? Nor have I, for about three years now. I have two massive double doored wardrobes with about five times the amount of clothes it’s supposed to contain – all crammed inside. Not colour or season coded. Nada. NIENTE.

So I decided to clean out my entire wardrobes yesterday. And it took me all day. I bought 50 extra clothes hangers, threw out about half of the items, and there was still not enough space for everything. Good thing was, I had found various handbags, dress, shirts and skirts which I had forgotten about from years back. Not only were they in perfect condition, they still fit! It was like Xmas again – presents to myself.

So boys and girls, before you decide on splurging on your next item, please have a look inside your wardrobe first and if you are anything like me, I guarantee you won’t need to shop till 2020.

Happy Easter everyone.