No silly, we are not talking about me.

On twitter tonight, there was a heated discussion between two of my followers, that if a woman was raped and got pregnant, would she have the right to have an abortion. Funnily enough, my male follower said yes, she should absolutely have the right, because it was an unwanted pregnancy which she had not wanted nor asked for. On the other hand, the woman follower argued that the baby was innocent, so it would be like murdering your own child. Firstly, if you were raped and got pregnant, how is it that it is your child if its father actually raped you? It was a tragedy and the worst accident one can imagine. Secondly, if a child was not conceived with love and purpose, then having it would be a bigger mistake than bringing it to the world in such a fashion. I believe that the decision should entirely be the mother’s, however, I think any sane woman would not want to keep such a child, having to look at it everyday for the rest of her life, being reminded of what had happened.