Hell no. But you DO have to wear a suit to hear us live. And you´d better not clap at the wrong moment, or risk looking like a fool. What´s up with all the coughing during the slow movement?! We would very much like to end the movement in absolute silence if at all possible.

Please, if us musicians want to wear long black dresses for every single performance so we can bore the hell out of ourselves, then we shall. Don´t judge, and you shall not be judged. Bare shoulders? That´s a no-no. Short skirt? Not if you want to be taken ´seriously´.

So who makes up the unspoken rules? Why must we follow everybody else? I don´t think the classical crowd is snobbish, but we are expected to be. People set us apart, that somehow classical music is complicated and is only for the elite or upper class. Is that why we must dress and behave accordingly?

Classical music is just like every other type of music. It does require a lot of discipline and training. But at the end of the day, it is just music. Music for EVERYONE to enjoy.

Oh, don´t forget to turn off your phones.