We are happy to announce the launch of a brand new music festival – GIEZ FESTIVAL, in the heart of Switzerland on October 9-12, 2014. The festival, found by Swiss aristocrat Christiane de Muller and Artistic Director Linda Lin, will be held in a stunning 14th century Swiss Castle, only 55 minutes from Geneva.

The festival’s official website: www.giezfestival.com

Festival package starts from just £300 including all accommodation, board, dinner receptions, concert tickets, disco night, wine tasting, boat ride and art exhibition. For seasoned concert-goers, you will enjoy repertoires from Bach to Rachmaninov, even Justin Bieber after 11pm. And for those who are yet to discover the beauty of classical music, we have shorter lunchtime recitals and late night Jazz for you. Bring your wife, bring your wife’s dog. We are here to entertain. From Baroque to Contemporary, European to Latin American, we have got it all.

Full festival tickets are very limited, only 20 places left. Book yours TODAY at:info@giezfestival.com