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Life of a London Cellist

Music is not a profession, but a way of life.

London, home sweet home

London Life Posted on 27 Oct, 2014 22:55

Having been on the road for over three weeks (Switzerland – Germany – Austria), at last I am back in London, my home. Familiarity sets in the moment I land in the airport. Shops open till late, British politeness, queueing, oh how I love London. Driving on the left side, green road signs, black taxis and red buses. This is home to me.

Diluted coffee, overly-sweet cakes, bad Chinese take-away, greasy fish and chips. I love them all. Humid underground, foxes at night, police cars and ambulances every five minutes. HARRODS, SELFRIDGES, LIBERTY and WESTFIELD! Need I say more??

I miss the cosmopolitan London, the morning rush, and the massive queues in local coffee shops. I miss making dinner reservations, going to pubs and afternoon tea. God, it is good to be back. Thank you London for all that you have given me. If I could choose one city to live in for the rest of my life, this is it.

Giez Festival 2014

Cello Uncensored Posted on 27 Oct, 2014 22:28

A massive thank you to all the sponsors and friends of Giez Festival 2014. The festival would not have happened without all your love and support. Our festival founder Christiane de Muller was a wonderful host and music lover. And last but not least, to all our musicians, thank you for your brilliant performances.

We have great vision for the future, and very much look forward to welcoming you all back to the Giez Festival 2015. There will also be a couple of surprise guests! So stay tuned and happy autumn!