Having been on the road for over three weeks (Switzerland – Germany – Austria), at last I am back in London, my home. Familiarity sets in the moment I land in the airport. Shops open till late, British politeness, queueing, oh how I love London. Driving on the left side, green road signs, black taxis and red buses. This is home to me.

Diluted coffee, overly-sweet cakes, bad Chinese take-away, greasy fish and chips. I love them all. Humid underground, foxes at night, police cars and ambulances every five minutes. HARRODS, SELFRIDGES, LIBERTY and WESTFIELD! Need I say more??

I miss the cosmopolitan London, the morning rush, and the massive queues in local coffee shops. I miss making dinner reservations, going to pubs and afternoon tea. God, it is good to be back. Thank you London for all that you have given me. If I could choose one city to live in for the rest of my life, this is it.