On a happier note, I am launching my second international music festival this year. Sao Paulo Festival will be held in a gorgeous 4* hotel outside Lisbon, on March 26-30. It is an invitations only event, and we are almost booked up! We are expecting 70-80 guests from all over Europe to attend, plus local media and TV crew.

I must admit that the second festival is much less stressful than the first as I have learnt a lot from it and know how to prioritise my tasks. The venue is absolutely breath-taking, it even has its own 12th century chapel where all the concerts and dancing will be held. Yep, all our guests are requested to bring a pair of dancing shoes. There is also a stunning garden with lovely fountains where we will have one of our dinner receptions. All of our rooms have amazing views over the valley. Oh, did I mention that we also have two swimming pools, restaurants and a bar?

Now, if only I could secure a sponsorship from Gucci as I have my eyes on a STUNNING gown…!