Well, ciao Milano! It’s about time we make acquaintance. I have heard many stories about Milano, but never have I imagine a city so full of life, culture, high fashion, and art. Not to mention all the super models on almost every street down town. There is a sense of elegance and love of art which is hard to compete with, even in London.

I can see why Milano is the fashion capital of the world. On every street down town, there are literally hundreds of little Italian boutique shops, selling high quality clothing items, shoes, bags and beyond. One can get lost in a single shop for hours, going through the variety of designs, colours, and fabrics. There are brands one has never heard of, selling wonderful Italian shoes the same quality of Prada and Gucci, for a fraction of the designer’s price.

Italians have an eye for details. You touch a pair of shoes and you can feel the love and appreciation for fashion. It is a form of art. It completes and compliments an outfit. But it does not make an outfit. I’ve always believed that a person makes an outfit, not the other way round. If one has the personality, you could buy something in Zara, and make it look expensive. Otherwise, even an Alexander McQueen dress could look freaky on a person without the personality to carry it off.

If I lived in Milano, I would have loved to work in fashion. The sheer quality and elegance of design is just pure art. I have learnt so much from Milano and all it has to offer. If London is a shopper’s heaven, then Milano is heaven and beyond. I’ll be back soon, Milano.