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Life of a London Cellist

Music is not a profession, but a way of life.

Spain – Land of Love

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 24 May, 2015 22:07

If I had to describe Spain using three words, they would be: Love, Love, and Love. With over 300 days of sunshine (in the south) a year, delicious and sophisticated cuisine, ultra-friendly people, and stunning historical towns, what is there not to love. In a strange way, Spain reminds me of the land down under, with its warm climate and wonderful people. If I could be born again, I would love to be a spaniard, and soaking in the sun all year round, and eating tapas in the afternoon, and having dinner every night way after 10pm!

We often hear Spaniards say, ‘mi casa es su casa’, which in English translates to, ‘my house is your house’, or ‘make yourself at home’. Simple, yet heart warming. They are the most hospitable people you will ever meet. Just because most of them take a siesta every afternoon does not make them lazy. In fact, they are very hard working, with many work between 10-12 hours a day.

Spanish cuisine is sophisticated and varied. Each tapa or dish is prepared with fresh ingredients, and love. Every time I have Spanish food, I can feel the sunshine, smell the sea, and hear the flamenco.

There is no place like Spain. It is now the third most visited country in the world. I much prefer visiting the smaller historical towns where there are less tourists and you get to see and feel the real Spain. Spain boasts some of the best beaches in the world, and the best time to visit is in May and September, especially in the south. Winter in Spain is very mild comparing to other parts of Europe, and you are still guaranteed a lot of sunshine!

Family Value

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 24 May, 2015 02:09

Last week, I met an elderly couple, together for over 40 years. Still hand in hand, they spend most of their time in each other’s company. Their children have all moved out and now have their own families. They get terribly lonely at times. Sometimes at night, they would open their children’s bedroom doors, expect to see them chilling out, or reading a book, like the way it used to be..

Kind of reminds me of my parents. I now only get to see them once a year. Family values are all the same, no matter where you are from, or what your background is. We all cherish our families, because family is where the home is.

Life just gets so busy sometimes that we forget what truly matters. I always get asked ‘where is home for you?’ Is it the place where you spend most of the time, or where your family resides? Is it where you spent your childhood, or the country where you were born?

This couple has lived in a small town all their lives. They do not travel very much, yet living in one place has been enough for them. They have everything they need – a beautiful home, family and friends living nearby, wonderful weather, and most importantly, each other. No luxurious mansions or sports cars can buy happiness. Sometimes the simplest things can give us such satisfactions.

Nothing is more important than families, for that is where the heart is.