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Life of a London Cellist

Music is not a profession, but a way of life.

Spain – Land of Love

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 24 May, 2015 22:07

If I had to describe Spain using three words, they would be: Love, Love, and Love. With over 300 days of sunshine (in the south) a year, delicious and sophisticated cuisine, ultra-friendly people, and stunning historical towns, what is there not to love. In a strange way, Spain reminds me of the land down under, with its warm climate and wonderful people. If I could be born again, I would love to be a spaniard, and soaking in the sun all year round, and eating tapas in the afternoon, and having dinner every night way after 10pm!

We often hear Spaniards say, ‘mi casa es su casa’, which in English translates to, ‘my house is your house’, or ‘make yourself at home’. Simple, yet heart warming. They are the most hospitable people you will ever meet. Just because most of them take a siesta every afternoon does not make them lazy. In fact, they are very hard working, with many work between 10-12 hours a day.

Spanish cuisine is sophisticated and varied. Each tapa or dish is prepared with fresh ingredients, and love. Every time I have Spanish food, I can feel the sunshine, smell the sea, and hear the flamenco.

There is no place like Spain. It is now the third most visited country in the world. I much prefer visiting the smaller historical towns where there are less tourists and you get to see and feel the real Spain. Spain boasts some of the best beaches in the world, and the best time to visit is in May and September, especially in the south. Winter in Spain is very mild comparing to other parts of Europe, and you are still guaranteed a lot of sunshine!

Family Value

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 24 May, 2015 02:09

Last week, I met an elderly couple, together for over 40 years. Still hand in hand, they spend most of their time in each other’s company. Their children have all moved out and now have their own families. They get terribly lonely at times. Sometimes at night, they would open their children’s bedroom doors, expect to see them chilling out, or reading a book, like the way it used to be..

Kind of reminds me of my parents. I now only get to see them once a year. Family values are all the same, no matter where you are from, or what your background is. We all cherish our families, because family is where the home is.

Life just gets so busy sometimes that we forget what truly matters. I always get asked ‘where is home for you?’ Is it the place where you spend most of the time, or where your family resides? Is it where you spent your childhood, or the country where you were born?

This couple has lived in a small town all their lives. They do not travel very much, yet living in one place has been enough for them. They have everything they need – a beautiful home, family and friends living nearby, wonderful weather, and most importantly, each other. No luxurious mansions or sports cars can buy happiness. Sometimes the simplest things can give us such satisfactions.

Nothing is more important than families, for that is where the heart is.

Close to Nature

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 04 Jan, 2015 05:46

Home at last – Melbourne. Christmas on the beach, New Year’s BBQ, life can be tough sometimes.

Australia does not offer one the latest fashion like Milan or Paris, or the most sophisticated concert series like Vienna or London, but it does offer one of the most important ingredients in life – being close to nature. There is an ease and simplicity feel about the country which is hard to find elsewhere. Being a musician and always travelling, I feel blessed to be able to come home every holiday season, to unwind and reflect.

Having lived in London for many years, I have learnt to appreciate Australia more and more, and am very grateful indeed for all that it has given me – a fantastic and all-rounded education, wonderful circle of friends, opportunities to develop my musicality and a great life style.

Here’s to another great year in 2015 and wishing everybody all the happiness and success in the world.


I´m feeling lucky Posted on 03 Sep, 2014 00:59

Mum called yet again.

Doesn’t she know that I’m working? Or that I am busy practising? Or Skype-conferencing about the festival I have just helped launching?

Mum is not getting any younger. Sometimes I even forget that ten thousand miles away, two people are constantly thinking and worrying about me. I get annoyed, frustrated that they would call/text/FaceTime me every other day. Just because they are always there now, does not mean that they will be there forever.

I saw mum’s face a couple of days ago when we FaceTimed. As beautiful as she still looks in her 60’s, mum has a couple more wrinkles than I remembered. Her stunning hazel eyes were bright as stars the moment our screened connected and she smiled at me. Forever a crazy shopper for her daughter, mum never buys much clothes for herself (except for that GORGEOUS Armani suit I saw her eyeing last Christmas). She would always wear the same old jumpers and sweatpants as she did ten, twenty years ago. And the only make-up she wears.. actually, she doesn’t. Apart from L’Occitant moisturisers, she doesn’t even does a toner. Her skin is perfect. Life is a bitch, I’m telling you.

Not only does mum understand technology, she even uses an iPad. I mean, who does that in their 60’s?! She has three email accounts, Facebook (please do not try to be my ‘friend’ again, mum), WeChat and Skype. She sends e-cards, organises group chats, takes screen shots on iPad.

I don’t know what made me think of her tonight. But I really miss you, mum. Sometimes I forget to tell you, but you are always in my heart. Please keep on harassing me on my iMessage and WeChat, because ‘me love you long time’.

To Abort, Or Not To Abort.

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 13 Jul, 2013 00:03

No silly, we are not talking about me.

On twitter tonight, there was a heated discussion between two of my followers, that if a woman was raped and got pregnant, would she have the right to have an abortion. Funnily enough, my male follower said yes, she should absolutely have the right, because it was an unwanted pregnancy which she had not wanted nor asked for. On the other hand, the woman follower argued that the baby was innocent, so it would be like murdering your own child. Firstly, if you were raped and got pregnant, how is it that it is your child if its father actually raped you? It was a tragedy and the worst accident one can imagine. Secondly, if a child was not conceived with love and purpose, then having it would be a bigger mistake than bringing it to the world in such a fashion. I believe that the decision should entirely be the mother’s, however, I think any sane woman would not want to keep such a child, having to look at it everyday for the rest of her life, being reminded of what had happened.

Cardio Workout Can Change Your Life

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 15 Apr, 2013 20:02

Just last week, London was completely transformed. I believe that we have possibly had the worst and longest winter ever. Only two weeks ago, it actually snowed for three days. This winter had not been easy for me. Coming back from a most sunny and wonderful Aussie vacation early January, I have been stuck in London ever since. I think we must had about four days of sunshine this year in total. After living in London for so long, I still cannot cope with the dark weather. That is why, when spring finally came a month too late, I felt like I have just been awoken from a long long sleep.

I have been doing Cardio and Pilates workout for a week and half now, everyday. And I can feel the difference in my body after two days. At the moment when you are working out, you feel like you are about to die, or have already died. But afterwards, it feels amazing. Nothing beats feeling energetic. I feel like I work better, sleep better, even eat better after working out. Taking the first step is the hardest, but once you put on your sports gear, just take it one step at a time, and little by little, your life will be transformed. Once you are fit, nothing can stop you from chasing after your dreams.

I used to sleep around 9 hours a day, if I can. Now I wake up much earlier, and even 6 or 7 hours of sleep is plenty for me. I practise more and can concentrate even better than usual. It makes me feel great. So I would like to share this with all of you. Even 20-30 minutes a day will make a difference. Take it from someone who does not do any exercise AT ALL, so this is a big step.

Wish me luck and happy exercising to all of you!

Spring Cleaning

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 29 Mar, 2013 11:24

Have you seen the inside of my wardrobe yet? Nor have I, for about three years now. I have two massive double doored wardrobes with about five times the amount of clothes it’s supposed to contain – all crammed inside. Not colour or season coded. Nada. NIENTE.

So I decided to clean out my entire wardrobes yesterday. And it took me all day. I bought 50 extra clothes hangers, threw out about half of the items, and there was still not enough space for everything. Good thing was, I had found various handbags, dress, shirts and skirts which I had forgotten about from years back. Not only were they in perfect condition, they still fit! It was like Xmas again – presents to myself.

So boys and girls, before you decide on splurging on your next item, please have a look inside your wardrobe first and if you are anything like me, I guarantee you won’t need to shop till 2020.

Happy Easter everyone.

Pope vs Horsemeat

I´m feeling lucky Posted on 11 Feb, 2013 14:20

So apparently Pope Benedict XVI had to resign after testing reveals that he is “25% horsemeat”. Not good.

It’s a mad mad world we are living in: dodgy music professors having sex with teenage students, pork meat found in halal products, and now even the Pope is resigning. I mean, is that even legal? Was he being forced to resign? Is there some dark secret he or the Vatican is trying to hide? The world is in shock.

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