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Milano – The Fashion Capital

Fashion Posted on 13 Feb, 2015 23:31

Well, ciao Milano! It’s about time we make acquaintance. I have heard many stories about Milano, but never have I imagine a city so full of life, culture, high fashion, and art. Not to mention all the super models on almost every street down town. There is a sense of elegance and love of art which is hard to compete with, even in London.

I can see why Milano is the fashion capital of the world. On every street down town, there are literally hundreds of little Italian boutique shops, selling high quality clothing items, shoes, bags and beyond. One can get lost in a single shop for hours, going through the variety of designs, colours, and fabrics. There are brands one has never heard of, selling wonderful Italian shoes the same quality of Prada and Gucci, for a fraction of the designer’s price.

Italians have an eye for details. You touch a pair of shoes and you can feel the love and appreciation for fashion. It is a form of art. It completes and compliments an outfit. But it does not make an outfit. I’ve always believed that a person makes an outfit, not the other way round. If one has the personality, you could buy something in Zara, and make it look expensive. Otherwise, even an Alexander McQueen dress could look freaky on a person without the personality to carry it off.

If I lived in Milano, I would have loved to work in fashion. The sheer quality and elegance of design is just pure art. I have learnt so much from Milano and all it has to offer. If London is a shopper’s heaven, then Milano is heaven and beyond. I’ll be back soon, Milano.

Zara, You Have Done It Again.

Fashion Posted on 24 Mar, 2013 19:25

Inventive is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the giant Spanish retailer ´ZARA´. Its massive success worldwide is inspirational to us all. Zara has opened its sixth store in central London, all of which are within walking distance from each other. It sells absolutely every type of clothing under the sun, in every shade and colour, for women, men and children. All its stores are at least two, three floors, and one could easily spend an afternoon there.

I am usually a bit slow with fashion trend, probably because I don´t really follow them. Pink looks hideous on me, so I don´t care if Gucci and Prada are selling the most gorgeous leather boots last month – wouldn´t wear them if you ´d paid me. I think, understanding one´s body and knows what types of clothes look good on oneself, is far more important than following the latest trend, which doesn´t last for more than a few weeks anyway. Why you want to look like everyone else on the street, or wear something that is more flattering to your body shape? Be a trend setter instead of a follower.

That is why I have not purchased a single thing from Zara prior to this week. Not only is it the MOST crowded retailer shop ever, every single woman seems to love it and shops there. And because it is so inexpensive, one would assume that the quality would match the price. They sell shirts/blouses between £20-£30, jumpers from £30-£40, blazers from £50-£80, and coats from £70-£120. I think I have set foot in Zara only once in my life, and that was quite a while ago when the shops used to look quite different than how they are set up now. All I remember was the amount of people that was inside the shop – way more than the clothes on display. I left after two minutes.

Earlier this week, I finished a meeting in Mayfair, and was wondering around Bond street, and lo and behold, a massive Zara store appeared in front of me. And because it was around on a Monday afternoon, the store looked rather quiet. So with curiosity, I went in. When I´d finished, it was already dark, and I came away with a blazer, two blouses and a pair of skinny trousers.

Zara´s clothes do look good on most body types (somehow), and so far, I have been enjoying them this week and the quality is very good. I especially like their blouses and skinny trousers which are so comfy and they come in every style and colour to suit many occasions. I would definitely recommend their clothing items. Bags and shoes I normally purchase designers as they are much more long-lasting.

DKNY – My New Found Love

Fashion Posted on 10 Feb, 2013 23:28

Speaking of fashion, I have recently fallen in love with DKNY – both men and women’s clothing. I don’t own much DKNY except for a bottle of their perfume and a couple of t-shirts. Their style is funky and yet fun and youthful. They have very interesting designs with subtle yet unusual colour combinations. I have just bought myself a GORGEOUS dark slim trench coat which is to die for. They also have a lovely collection of leather jackets and long coats, for both men and women.

DKNY have a massive three-storey store on Bond street which is definitely worth checking out. Other locations include Westfield and Knightsbridge. Their winter sales are finishing soon, so make sure you check them out before the end of the week.

Happy shopping everybody!