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Life of a London Cellist

Music is not a profession, but a way of life.

London, home sweet home

London Life Posted on 27 Oct, 2014 22:55

Having been on the road for over three weeks (Switzerland – Germany – Austria), at last I am back in London, my home. Familiarity sets in the moment I land in the airport. Shops open till late, British politeness, queueing, oh how I love London. Driving on the left side, green road signs, black taxis and red buses. This is home to me.

Diluted coffee, overly-sweet cakes, bad Chinese take-away, greasy fish and chips. I love them all. Humid underground, foxes at night, police cars and ambulances every five minutes. HARRODS, SELFRIDGES, LIBERTY and WESTFIELD! Need I say more??

I miss the cosmopolitan London, the morning rush, and the massive queues in local coffee shops. I miss making dinner reservations, going to pubs and afternoon tea. God, it is good to be back. Thank you London for all that you have given me. If I could choose one city to live in for the rest of my life, this is it.

Giez Festival 2014

Cello Uncensored Posted on 27 Oct, 2014 22:28

A massive thank you to all the sponsors and friends of Giez Festival 2014. The festival would not have happened without all your love and support. Our festival founder Christiane de Muller was a wonderful host and music lover. And last but not least, to all our musicians, thank you for your brilliant performances.

We have great vision for the future, and very much look forward to welcoming you all back to the Giez Festival 2015. There will also be a couple of surprise guests! So stay tuned and happy autumn!

Me, Myself and I

London Life Posted on 05 Sep, 2014 18:09

Man, I love work. And I mean, all kinds of work, as long as it’s music related.

Performance aside, I absolutely love organising and managing music festivals. It’s quite a task to find the right group of artists, students, sponsors and guests, and create a professional yet wonderfully creative atmosphere for everybody. So far, we have received an enormous amount of support from our families, friends, and colleagues. And it is such a great privilege to work with so many talented and dedicated people.

I never used to be a team player back in school. Being an only child, I pretty much defined selfishness. Then when I decided to pursue music, I became crazy AND selfish. I feel, and therefore I play. I didn’t analyse much, and just followed my instinct.

Then there was chamber music. This was the one thing that taught me how real music was made. It taught me love, and patience. A lot of patience. Friendships were made. It taught me respect, dedication, and most important of all, teamwork. To this day, I will always remember the string quartet I founded back at the Royal Academy. We understood each other and never over-analyse. We were all great sight-readers and used to play through tons of quartets in one rehearsal. We always went out for dinner and drinks afterwards. We performed and travelled. We laughter and cried. They cooked for me, and I ate. Not only did we become the best of friends, we grew together as musicians and people. Since we disbanded, I couldn’t listen to quartet music for a long time.

However, I will be playing trio with some very talented musicians in our festival next month. Very much looking forward to it. I hope to see you all there and have a fabulous weekend!


I´m feeling lucky Posted on 03 Sep, 2014 00:59

Mum called yet again.

Doesn’t she know that I’m working? Or that I am busy practising? Or Skype-conferencing about the festival I have just helped launching?

Mum is not getting any younger. Sometimes I even forget that ten thousand miles away, two people are constantly thinking and worrying about me. I get annoyed, frustrated that they would call/text/FaceTime me every other day. Just because they are always there now, does not mean that they will be there forever.

I saw mum’s face a couple of days ago when we FaceTimed. As beautiful as she still looks in her 60’s, mum has a couple more wrinkles than I remembered. Her stunning hazel eyes were bright as stars the moment our screened connected and she smiled at me. Forever a crazy shopper for her daughter, mum never buys much clothes for herself (except for that GORGEOUS Armani suit I saw her eyeing last Christmas). She would always wear the same old jumpers and sweatpants as she did ten, twenty years ago. And the only make-up she wears.. actually, she doesn’t. Apart from L’Occitant moisturisers, she doesn’t even does a toner. Her skin is perfect. Life is a bitch, I’m telling you.

Not only does mum understand technology, she even uses an iPad. I mean, who does that in their 60’s?! She has three email accounts, Facebook (please do not try to be my ‘friend’ again, mum), WeChat and Skype. She sends e-cards, organises group chats, takes screen shots on iPad.

I don’t know what made me think of her tonight. But I really miss you, mum. Sometimes I forget to tell you, but you are always in my heart. Please keep on harassing me on my iMessage and WeChat, because ‘me love you long time’.


Cello Uncensored Posted on 11 Aug, 2014 00:16

We are happy to announce the launch of a brand new music festival – GIEZ FESTIVAL, in the heart of Switzerland on October 9-12, 2014. The festival, found by Swiss aristocrat Christiane de Muller and Artistic Director Linda Lin, will be held in a stunning 14th century Swiss Castle, only 55 minutes from Geneva.

The festival’s official website:

Festival package starts from just £300 including all accommodation, board, dinner receptions, concert tickets, disco night, wine tasting, boat ride and art exhibition. For seasoned concert-goers, you will enjoy repertoires from Bach to Rachmaninov, even Justin Bieber after 11pm. And for those who are yet to discover the beauty of classical music, we have shorter lunchtime recitals and late night Jazz for you. Bring your wife, bring your wife’s dog. We are here to entertain. From Baroque to Contemporary, European to Latin American, we have got it all.

Full festival tickets are very limited, only 20 places left. Book yours TODAY

Believe in Yourself and God

London Life Posted on 07 Aug, 2014 22:46

Sometimes life can take you by surprise. Just when you think you can never get out of that dark place, God takes you by the hand and leads you to a happy place. The last few months I have had some uncertainties, and now suddenly everything makes sense.

One must follow one’s dream. Easier said than done. Sometimes following one’s dream even isn’t enough. One must fail a million times before one can finally get up and say, ‘I’ve finally made it!’ It may take years, even decades. Be patient and stick to your vision.

I have doubted myself a thousand times. Have I made the right decision? Am I in the right profession? Am I in the right city? At the end, it is YOU who knows best. Follow your instinct and screw everything else.

Night night London. I have really missed you.

No Barrier in Music

London Life Posted on 07 Aug, 2014 22:36

Such a pleasure to return to London, my home. Being in a foreign country is something I am completely used to. But not being able to speak the language was such a barrier that I vowed to learn my French properly once and for all. But the one thing I was able to use to communicate with people, was music.

Musicians are lucky that no matter where we are, we could always speak through our instruments. Music is universal. There is no class system, no rich or poor. I have met so many amazing people from all over the world through music and concerts. It is because of the cello that I get to travel to places I have never dreamt of.

My concerts in Switzerland were wonderfully organised, and were attended by people from Europe, Asia, America and the UK. Everybody came from different background, culture and colour. And yet, we all gathered together and shared the special experience called music. That was the only time I felt that I had no barrier, that I was able to talk to people through music, rather than my broken French.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform in a country as beautiful as Switzerland. And be sure that I will be back before too long.

Love for Music

Cello Uncensored Posted on 15 Jul, 2014 22:37

Last week I was invited to perform at a stunning Swiss Castle. It was a great honour to have so many wonderful supporters. Guests travelled near and far. To perform for each and every one of you was a most precious experience..

I was never very eloquent. Through music, I express myself even better.

I cherish every performance. And I thank you for coming and hear me. On stage, I give my all. There is no mask. I am completely naked. Unafraid. For in music, I find shelter and happiness. Bach becomes my saviour.

Please stay tuned as we have news coming up about a brand new Music Festival. Love to you all from Switzerland.

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